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After a decade of development, the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) held its first International Conference in Stockholm in August 2016. This conference was a significant milestone in the growth of a global network of people interested in the production and use of evidence syntheses in environmental management. It was recognised at this time that CEE was already having a significant impact on decision making with its guidance and standards for evidence review being widely cited and its journal and library of systematic reviews and maps acting as a source of reliable evidence.


Yet there is much more to do and all agreed that we should hold international conferences on a regular basis to help the community grow. CEE now has six centres but we are still small in comparison to demand for evidence to inform environmental management and capacity building is a major priority.


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 In a country where systematic reviews have been a source of inspiration for collective expertise years ago, and launched again in recent years, we feel that time has come to highlight how evidence-synthesis has evolved and how systematic maps and reviews still deliver added values that are of paramount importance compared to other synthesis methods. Holding this 2nd meeting in Paris also aims at opening the evidence-synthesis approach to non-English countries, encouraging the creation of national and European review teams and possibly new Centres. We aim at promoting results of systematic reviews in different environmental areas, highlighting the benefits in conducting rigorous evidence-synthesis, accompanying stakeholders and decisions makers into examining their needs for evidence and planning the conduct of systematic maps and reviews.


This 2nd International Conference will undoubtedly highlight the publication of the new version of the Guidelines for the Conduct of Evidence Synthesis and the CEESAT tool for evaluation of literature reviews and other types of synthesis including meta-analysis.


Our programme aims at outreaching a large range of audience, from those who are conducting evidence-synthesis and those who are developing new tools and methods to achieve better cost/benefit results, to all the users of evidence-synthesis and funders of various environmental and research programmes in which this approach would be useful.



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CEE’s First International Conference ‘Better Evidence, Better Decisions, Better Environment’ was held on August 25-27th 2016 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden



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